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LegacyFlo lets you Migrate emails data quickly, securely and easily with Zero data loss or business disruption.
Why Migrate Email
You want to reverse data fragmentation
You want to reverse data fragmentation

Email data may be fragmented across mail servers, end points and storage devices putting your organisation at a risk.

Use LegacyFlo to create an email data lake by consolidating all email data for easy management, access and recovery on the Cloud.
You want to move to a new email platform
You want to move to a new email platform

Massive volumes of accumulated email data, conversions required between email formats and restricted access, can make data migration to a new platform costly and complex.

Legacyflo can convert and migrate data at scale and automatically. Simplifying the movement between mailing solutions, while saving cost and time.
You want to create Search Ready data to meet compliance needs
You want to create Search Ready data to meet compliance needs

Fragmented email data can make the discovery of specific email nearly impossible in the required timeframe

Migrate email data from across the organisation into a central indexed corporate archive to enable on-demand e-discovery and extraction to boost your audit readiness and response-ability to litigation queries
Use Cases
Legacyflo is a flexible, high performance, automated cloud tool to convert and migrate email data from virtually any source system to a wide selection of target systems
Migration Between Mail Platforms
You want to move from your on-premise email solution (Zimbra, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc) to a Cloud Email solution or between Cloud Email Solutions (O365, GMail, SkyConnect, Yahoo, etc).
Legacyflo can ease the effort and speed up the conversion and movement of email data. Parallel, network resilient, hands-free migration jobs, with strong status reporting, make it very easy to monitor the progress of the overall project.
Migration Between Mail Platforms
Upload to an Ediscovery Solution
You want to move data from your mailboxes into a cloud-based email archival solution Vaultastic to help you preserve critical data and have it discoverable on-demand.
Legacyflo supports the most popular email formats, mail protocols and mail solutions making it very easy to migrate data directly from virtually any source platform to a cloud archive platform like Vaultastic. These jobs run at pre-scheduled times and move data from live active or inactive mailboxes with no disruption to the users.
Upload to an Ediscovery Solution
Backup to a Cloud Storage
You need to preserve email data of ex-employees/inactive users long after they are gone, for regulatory compliance and to retain valuable IP.
Use Legacyflo to preserve email data of ex-employees on a less expensive cloud store before deleting the primary mailbox. Access this data using basic mail attributes whenever required.
Backup to a Cloud Storage
Export to a Data File
Export data in PST/EML formats from Vaults or Mailboxes for data recovery, compliance, litigation and knowledge sharing.

As an administrator, you are inundated with requests to recover lost email data, find emails in response to litigation or compliance queries, and to share specific email for reference by other teams.

The easy and automatic export options of LegacyFlo enable you to extract email from Vaultastic or live mailboxes into portable data files.
Export to a Data File
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Why LegacyFlo
Getting Started with Legacyflo
Migrate to
  • Import from Data files - PST/EML/MBOX
  • Import from IMAP servers - GMail, O365, Yahoo, MS Exchange, Zimbra and other IMAP servers
Export from
  • Export in Data files - PST
  • Export in Data files - EML
Backup to S3
  • Backup from GMail to S3
  • Backup from Ofice365 to S3
  • Backup from Yahoo to S3
Migrate between
Mail Platforms
  • Migrate from Yahoo to O365, GMail, other IMAP servers
  • Migrate from O365 to GSuite
  • Migrate from GSuite to O365
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