Why do we need a new migration tool to move data to the cloud

  • Rapid cloud adoption
    Business are moving to the cloud and archival of their communication data on cloud based platform is a priority.
  • Outdated migration tools
    Old migration software can make moving data prohibitively costly, complex, and time-consuming.
  • Fear of data loss
    Data migrations methods with a high degree of human effort may deter organisations for fear of data loss or compromise.
  • Need for automation
    Businesses need automated and scalable migration tools to reduce the costs and complexity of data migrations.
  • Need for auto correction
    These data migration tools should also have wide support for connectors and built-in data integrity checks to enable error free and quick migration of large volumes of data.
  • Legacyflo- easy, automatic, reliable, migration
    Legacyflo is one such modern SaaS migration tool, gaining rapid adoption by businesses.

Legacyflo, the simple and fast email migration tool, can ease your data movement initiatives

Backup Legacy Email & Reverse Data Fragmentation
Migrate legacy email data from mail servers, endpoints, and storage devices, across the organization into a central indexed corporate archive on the cloud.
Cost-effective MS 365 migration software
Avoid vendor lock-in by protecting your MS 365 emails in an independent cloud store and optimize up to 60% of the costs of preserving emails long-term.
Easy Google Workspace migration software
Avoid vendor lock-in by protecting your Google Workspace emails in an independent cloud store and optimize up to 60% of the costs of preserving emails long-term.
Lower Data Migration Costs
Massive volumes of accumulated email data requiring conversion can be costly. Legacyflo supports conversion between a wide range of source and target systems.
Granular Data Extraction for speed and cost optimisation
Legacyflo has in-built tools to extract only those emails from the store that match your filter criteria (mail attributes), thereby optimizing data extraction speed and cost.
Ease Migration between mailing solutions
Using the scalability and automation support of Legacyflo, simplify your transition between mailing solutions, while saving cost and time.

Your Source, Your Target, Legacyflo does the heavy lifting of email migration

Legacyflo can help you confidently migrate from your chosen source to your desired target, with scale, using
Legacyflo does the heavy lifting of email migration
Dashboard and Report
Intuitive, easy to set-up jobs with a dashboard and reports to view the status of migration jobs
In-built Integrity Checks
In-built Integrity checks to ensure complete and error-free migration with full visibility.
Over the wire data transport
Over the wire, encrypted transport of data to prevent physical shipment of storage mediums.
In-built Resilience
In-built Resilience to help maintain hands-free continuity during temporary network or source/target system unavailability or outage
Elastic and Scalable
Parallel Automatic jobs to achieve massive scale and drastically reduce migration time.
Wide Cross Platform Support
Wide support for source and target messaging and archival systems and data file formats.
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Why LegacyFlo

Secure over the wire transfers
All data transport, connections, and transactions are encrypted to ensure zero interference or sniffing.
Visibility for all stakeholders
A role-based access to the job management console and full audit trail enables IT teams, migration leads, and partners to monitor data migration progress.
Comprehensive Support for Email Platforms
Legacyflo can migrate email data from virtually any email platform to any other. These include Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, MS Exchange, Notes, Yahoo, Zimbra, etc., and popular data exchange formats/protocols. PST, EML, MBOX, IMAP
Zero Capex, or Maintenance
Legacyflo is a cloud-native SaaS, freeing you from performing any software installations, maintenance, or management.
Easy and Hands Free
A simple self-service console lets you configure multiple migration jobs by defining the source, target, schedule, and other parameters. These jobs run hands-free in the background.
Easy Migration Management
You get real-time status updates on all the migration jobs and can control job execution by pausing, starting, or stopping jobs from the console. Glitches encountered, or successful job completions are updated via notifications.
Massively Scalable with high Throughput
Running concurrent batch jobs can significantly alter the throughput of your migration effort. Legacyflo uses elastic cloud resources to scale out based on the selected concurrency and can achieve significant throughput to support massive migrations in compressed time frames.
Maintains Source and Target Integrity
Legacyflo connects to the Source and Target using available, published interfaces such as IMAP to ensure that you don’t have to change any configuration on the respective platforms.
In-built Resilience
Legacyflo has inbuilt checks to mitigate source and target email platform variations, network limitations, temporary connection errors, rate limits imposed by email platforms, varying data sizes, including emails with large attachments. The built-in resilience ensures accurate, timely, and complete migration of all your data.

Getting Started with Legacyflo

Sign up for an account on LegacyFlo
1: Sign up for an account on LegacyFlo
Submit migration requests
2: Submit migration requests
Request are scheduled and executed automatically
3: Request are scheduled and executed automatically
Monitor & manage requests
4: Monitor and manage requests


Migrate to
  • Import from Data files - PST/EML/MBOX
  • Import from IMAP servers - GMail, O365, Yahoo, MS Exchange, Zimbra and other IMAP servers
Export from
  • Export in Data files - PST
  • Export in Data files - EML
Backup to S3
  • Backup from GMail to S3
  • Backup from Ofice365 to S3
  • Backup from Yahoo to S3
Migrate between
Mail Platforms
  • Migrate from Yahoo to O365, GMail, other IMAP servers
  • Migrate from O365 to GSuite
  • Migrate from GSuite to O365
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